Saturday, June 17, 2006

Teaching and Preaching

The Basic Training class started up again today. I think four weeks was a little rushed, so we will take six weeks to go through it this time. As we went through the Fireman episode today cultivating our compassion for the lost, I started thinking about two things. First, we should be out 'preaching' (for lack of a better term) the Gospel to the lost. I spend a lot of time presenting the Law to people and when they realize their need for a Savior, I tell them about the Good News of the Gospel. I think we are all called to fulfill the Great Commission by doing this very thing.

But, in class, I noticed a different group of people. People who are in the church, but have no idea how to seek and save the lost. Or, some of them have no idea that we should be doing that. We need to find time, in addition to preaching, to be 'teaching' others how to share their faith. Many people feel motivated, and filled with compassion, to save the lost, but have no idea where to start. So, if you are already sharing your faith, try to find someone to mentor. Bring someone along when you witness. First, for support and prayer, and second, to equip them with the tools so they can witness as well. If everyone in the church were sharing their faith regularly, I think we would see true revival in our world.

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