Saturday, June 17, 2006

Regular Witnessing

Tonight, I was not as full of energy as I usually am. I had a long day of work, and really didn't feel like getting out there to witness. I was dragging my feet, even while keeping my commitment to be faithful. When I got there, I noticed two kids (pictured) telling a group of kids about the Law and Grace. One of them was 16 years old, from Cornerstone Moorpark. OK, a tall cup of coffee, and seeing these two out there was all the motivation I needed. (Listen here.)

One advantage of finding a regular fishing spot is you start to build a relationship with the people there. As usual, tonight there were plenty of people who had not heard the Gospel and needed to.
But, tonight, I also met up with a couple of kids who I spoke with two weeks ago. They approached me and said, "Hey, we've been good. We haven't sinned for two weeks! Well, we've tried not to sin, anyway."
I reminded them that even if they lived a perfect life from today forward, they still have all the wrath stored up from their lifetime of sin waiting to condemn them. They obviously have had a change of heart if they were trying to live better lives. But, they need to take the next step and really "repent", and of course, put their trust in the Savior. They can't trust their own goodness, but they must trust that Jesus Christ paid the price for complete forgiveness of their sins, past, present and future. I left them with a Bible to read, and told them I'd see them in a couple weeks. That really made my night to know that the Holy Spirit is at work in someone's heart.

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