Saturday, June 10, 2006

Like Father, Like Son

Jameson, 11 months old, already has a million dollar tract in his shirt pocket. Aww, how cute.

Well, the first group is through. All in all, we had about twenty people that made it through the Basic Training class. A few missed a bit, and plan to start in again next week as we do it all again. Today's lesson was all about getting inspired and motivated to get out there and make evangelism part of your life. This lesson is not just a class you take and put a certificate on your wall. The idea is to actually use it. We learned to have a compassion for the lost. We learned how to craft a biblical message to use the Law to bring about conviction in a person's conscience. We learned to present the gospel while not getting sidetracked down "rabbit trails". Today was time to make a commitment to seek and save the lost.

As we left the classroom, in the parking lot of the church was an antique auto show. There were easily a few hundred people there. Everyone looked at me as if to say, "Hey, professor, let's see your stuff." I had spent the last four weeks convincing people that they could actually swallow their fears and get out there and share their faith. This was no time for me to get weak kneed. I pulled out some million dollar bills and walked around. I was actually trembling because I didn't want a bad encounter to color the experience for everyone. I ended up talking to the parking security guys, and another group at one of the booths. It turned out fine. Hopefully, this whole experience will show people that it is pretty simple, albeit scary, to get out there and talk to a complete stranger about Jesus Christ. But, we are called to be faithful, and I pray every day that I can answer that call.

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