Sunday, June 11, 2006

Law to those at Pride

Today, I visited the Christopher Street West event along with the gay parade in West Hollywood. The codename for this whole event is pride. Yes, pride.

I don't have a problem walking around people and feeling for them and viewing them as just as valuable in God's site as any of His children. But, this is a tough group to witness to. They are so caught up in their one issue that they don't want to hear anything about God, or His word. I didn't have to look very far to find people that blatantly broke each of the commandments and wore it as a badge of honor. What I found most interesting today was the number of churches that had booths set up inside this event. They weren't there to let sinners know of their fate without the Savior, they were there to attract people who wanted to be openly gay inside the church.

I had a great conversation with a guy from one church. I said I would lay aside the question of whether homosexual acts were sinful, but my question was, "Is anything a sin?" He explained that his church was embracing the postmodern mindset and thinks that though we all should embrace Jesus (whatever that means) that we are not supposed to be so arrogant as to tell others what Jesus said. Each is supposed to find out for themselves what their path is.

I asked him how I could get to heaven. What would I need to do in his opinion? It was hard to get it out, but basically, I need to embrace Jesus. I asked him point blank what happens to those who don't embrace Jesus. He waivered between saying that they go to a not nice place, or maybe Jesus saves them anyway. I showed him where the bible tells what happens to unrepentent sinners. I asked him if he considered himself a good person. Of course, he did. After taking him through the Law, and presenting the Grace of the cross in light of that Law, I think it made sense to him. I left him with a plea to think about all the people here who have not repented of their sin, who have not trusted in the Savior, and are depending on him to reach out and let them know how to avoid the wrath to come.

I don't think the irony is lost on those at the Los Angeles Gay Pride festival. It's no coincidence that Pride is the codeword for gay. I didn't even argue with anyone about their orientation. I didn't have to. Nobody put God first. Or for that matter, second. It may be tongue in cheek, but their consciences tell them that they will "burn twice"(see picture). Oh, lost ones please listen to your conscience. Don't harden your hearts. The walls are pretty big in that community, and today might be the only time you get to hear God's plea. Please turn. Please repent. Please trust in the Savior. Don't depend on the postmodern church to save you. Read your bible daily, trust God, and He will never let you down.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog at random, and I thought I would comment on this entry.

I am a Christian, and I am Gay. My church was one of the many who marched in the Gay Pride parade. From your description of your discussion with the church member at Pride, it sounds like he or she was pretty confused about some important things.

I would love to talk with you about this larger issue, if you want. I hope I can clarify some things, and hopefully explain the theology of gay-friendly Christianity better than the person you met at Pride could. Please feel free to contact me at

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.