Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday at the Mall Again

Tonight we had six of us. Nathan and Kevin from Cornerstone came with Joey. I didn't spend as much time here as last week because I got there late, and started getting pretty tired around 11PM. To get warmed up, I did a lap in the mall passing out the pink and blue optical illusion tracts. Then watched as Nathan talked to a group of 12 big guys. They were acting pretty rowdy and we decided to pray for him. Joey, David and I prayed for their mouths to be quieted, and their hearts to be pierced and for the Holy Spirit to really get in there and convict them of their sin. When we looked up, they all were staring quietly at Nathan and listening very intently.

I talked to a group of kids and one of them was already a Christian. I went through the complete Law and Gospel anyway as all of his friends were listening. He knew his stuff, but still didn't name all Ten Commandments. Before I got there, both David and Joey had lost a $20 bill to the people they witnessed to. I decided to try it without the $20 contest. I wanted to get one more recorded so I would have some audio for this post. Nathan pointed to a group of kids dressed in black with several piercings and said, "When they are dressed like that, it is always difficult." Great, this was the group I was going to talk to then.

Jason was the most receptive in the group, and one other boy actually asked me, "What is a commandment?" They didn't have a preconceived idea of where I was leading them. Jason was sixteen and had just gotten confirmed. It was because his mother made him do it and he really had no idea what he was confirming. As I proceeded with the Law, the two girls in the group high-tailed it out of there, but the three boys stayed till the end. They had a few questions along the way that I was able to answer briefly and get them back to the topic. By the end, Jason was swooning like he was going to fall down. I asked him if he was alright, and he said, "Wow, I need to go home and think about this stuff." I found out he didn't have a bible, so I got him a pocket Gospel of John and told him I'd see him here in a couple of weeks to see how he was doing.

All in all it was a great night, and our biggest turnout yet. Hopefully next week, we'll have some people from the Basic Training class be bold enough to come out and join us. In the meantime, please take a moment to pray for all the people that we witnessed to tonight. Pray that they will be convicted with a hunger and thirst for righteousness. And, pray that they seek out the living water so that they need never thirst again.

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