Friday, December 08, 2006

The Wonders of Christmas

staring thru the frosted window pane
searching a desolate snow-covered lane
I spot the lonely amber glow
from an old rusted-out streetlight
this cold and black December night
oh the beauty! of this frozen sea of white
not a single footprint
as far as the eye can see
I hum a quiet jubilee
my mind wanders as I wonder
what really is the true meaning of Christmas,
this Christmas eve?
please search deep within my heart and soul
purify me white as snow
pray I won’t be distracted
from all the clutter and clang
the hustle and bustle and bang
gifts and presents
shopping malls and Christmas trees
hot apple cider and frosted, sprinkled cookies
but still I wonder
what was it like through the eyes of Mary,
Jesus’ mother?
her fear and trembling and sacred honor
when the Angel proclaimed to her she would conceive
a Savior for all the world to believe
her journey with Joseph to Bethlehem
where a dirty, dusty stable
welcomed this humble houseguest
to a quiet night of rest
her pain during the delivery
giving birth to heaven’s royal majesty
yet still I wonder
the moment she laid the tiny Emmanuel to rest
in a straw manger snug like a baby bird in a nest
and especially the moment she first looked into his small, little eyes
and wondered
what kind of man will He be?
what truths will He unfold?
what proverbs will He teach us?
how will He lead the sheep of Israel?
Who will this Jesus,
the precious Son of God truly be?
what did she really see?
looking into the eyes of God,
I still wonder,

By Daniel Miller
December 2006

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