Friday, December 01, 2006

Children Have No Fear

Tonight was a little light, as many on the team had other commitments. But, it was still a great night. The city of Burbank had a Christmas parade, and there were hundreds of people out on the street. It was the opening of the Nativity movie and we had some gospel tracts with that theme at the ready. Also, we got to spend some good time with a regular at Burbank, a guy who sells friendship bracelets for a living. It is great that we are building relationships with people we see every week.

Tonight, I had to take the lead, as my co leaders were not there. And, I must admit, I was scared. I felt like anyone I would walk up to and start talking with would get angry with me. I was imagining them as monsters. As a coincidence, my wife brought the kids out tonight. I met up with them, and my daughter asked if she could pass out some gospel tracts to people. As I watched this seven year old boldly go up and hand strangers million dollar bills telling them that they should read the back to find out about Jesus, I suddenly got my courage back. We walked all around and passed out about one hundred tracts and had some great conversations.

Another important step is to make sure you 'pray up' before you start. When I feel fear, and stress from the week, I have to remember to stop what I am doing and pray. I need to clear my conscience by confessing my own sin and allowing me to decrease while He increases. I want people to hear His words, and not mine. When I take my ego out of sharing the gospel, then it is not my success or my failure. It is all His divine plan. Remember, we are all called to plant seeds. God will make sure they are watered and will ultimately bring them to fruition, if it is His will.

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