Friday, December 15, 2006

Borat: Spiritual Learnings of Gospel for Make Benefit Glorious Kingdom of Heaven

Tonight, Tony did some more open air preaching. The person he is speaking to in this picture was named Borat. Borat was from India and sounded like he had at least some Hindu education. He did say that he went to church and believed in God and Jesus. Of course, the Devil and his demons "believe" in Jesus. That doesn't save anyone. Upon further questioning, Borat said that in addition to Jesus, he has made his own personal god. That is probably a sign that you are not a Christian. Tonight the gospel was preached to Borat and the crowd that gathered to listen. High Five!

As I walked around with some of the new people and found situations for some one to one witnessing, I noticed a trend. Tonight was the night of the Jehovah's witnesses. I had some teenagers who didn't want my million dollar bill, as though they knew what it was. As I pressed, they told me that they were Jehovah's witnesses. They were very nice boys, but headstrong in their convictions that to be saved, you need to walk in Jesus' footsteps, knocking on doors. I asked them how to get to Heaven, or Paradise on Earth as they refer to it, and they told me I needed to get into a yearlong Bible study. I said that if I didn't have time for that, was there any hope for me. They said, God knows your heart, and he will be able to see if you are worthy of Heaven. I agreed with him. God DOES know your heart. That is the scary thing. I showed him that we are all wicked on the inside, and we need the blood of Jesus to wash us clean before we can approach a holy, pure, perfect God. I don't think I ever got through to him, but I plead with him to read the whole Bible, and not just the parts written in the Watchtower publication. He said that the Watchtower was part of the Bible.

Another boy of thirteen came up to me after I witnessed to a group of kids who were mostly joking around. He came up afterwards and asked me to go over the gospel again. He told me that he was also a Jehovah's witness. I don't know how much effect a guy on the street in ten minutes can have over a kid being raised by JW parents, but I told him to try to remember one thing. Don't trust me. Don't trust your parents. Don't trust your priest. Trust in God's Word. Trust the Bible. I told him to compare anything he is told to what God says in the Bible. And, even if an angel comes with a different gospel, don't believe him.

Please join with me in prayer for all of these people we witnessed to tonight. As much as we are all responsible for our own choices, all three of these groups are starting off with a huge handicap by being raised in a faith that actively contradicts God's true gospel. I know that on our own, we are slaves to sin, and have no ability to pull ourselves out of the wickedness. But, the Holy Spirit can change their hearts and bring them to a saving relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. I pray that the seeds we planted tonight will find good soil.

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