Sunday, December 03, 2006

Biblical Prooftexting

A visual example of taking something out of context to make it say what you want it to.


Anonymous said...

Ok...I guess I'm a 'Really Dull' person...I didn't get the point of this Video. Maybe if I watched T.V. and Videos I might 'get it'. What was the point here?

Dru Morgan said...

The Shining was a very different movie than this trailer portrays. By adding music and taking scenes out of context, you are led to believe that this is the 'feel good' movie of the summer. But, if you really watch the movie, you'll see it is nothing like what you would expect according to this.

The same way, you can approach the Bible with a message you start with, and add some music, and pull some verses out of context, and throw in a light show, and next thing you know, you have a place people come every week called 'church' that has nothing to do with the actual gospel message that is very clear in the totality of scripture taken in context.