Friday, December 29, 2006

Apathy from Armenia

Tonight was another great night witnessing in Burbank. As usual, there were plenty of Armenian teenagers out at the mall. Tonight we met a new group of kids from Hollywood who came to check out the scene in Burbank. It was nice to talk to kids we haven't met before.

While very polite, tonight the theme seemed to be apathy. I would hear kids say, "Sure, that makes a lot of sense that I'm going to Hell. Oh, by the way, did you see that movie with that guy in it?" or "Yes, I totally agree that God will judge the world, but hey, should I get a tattoo?"

I got two recordings tonight. The first one was with a new guy Jeff and I witnessing to a group of teenagers. As I explained and pleaded with them to consider their eternal destination, Jeff jumped in and tried as well to shake them out of their spiritual slumber. It is crazy how I can explain it and have them understand and repeat it back to me, then in two minutes completely forget everything we have just talked about. It is like the gospel seed that falls by the wayside and doesn't find any soil to plant itself. These kids were more interested in telling me that the cross on their neck was from the first church in Armenia than actually understanding the significance of the cross itself.

Second, Joey found a group of kids to speak with. As usual with a group of kids, there were plenty that jumped in and out of the conversation, but a couple of them that stayed and participated through the whole discussion. I pray that the Lord had the ones He wanted to hear the gospel there long enough for His Spirit to minister to their hearts.

After I left, Joey spoke with a group of kids who were scientologists. He started to ask them about Xenu. They had no idea of what he was talking about. When he said that at OT3, they will be taught about Xenu, they begged him to stop. They hadn't reached that level yet and their religion forbade them from learning things out of order. They seemed genuinely scared of hearing anything that their teachers didn't allow them to hear. Joey also said that they hadn't ever heard of the Ten Commandments, or the gospel at all. A few years ago in this country that would have been unheard of. But, the day is coming when our nation's kids will be so secularized that they won't ever have heard of the Ten Commandments, let alone understand their purpose, or how they can be reconciled to a God who will use that as the standard of perfection against which we will all be judged.

Please pray for the kids we spoke to tonight. And, please consider going out yourself and making sure the people you know have had an accurate gospel presentation and have been given a chance to accept or reject the gospel of our just and merciful God.

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