Friday, September 22, 2006

Tag Team Evangelism

Tonight, we had a nice group at Burbank Town Center. All the regulars were there. I met a gentleman named Russel from Hollywood during the boot camp and he wanted to join us to see how we did our open air preaching. Also, a young man, Brook, joined us. I had met him before in Simi Valley, and he usually goes to 3rd Street Promenade. He was relatively inexperienced and I paired up with him for some one to one. The audio this week is of Brook speaking with Yvette. She, while very nice, was quite a challenge, and it was all I could do to not jump in and rescue Brook. But, he did really great and stepped right up to the challenge. After getting knocked around a bit he asked me to step in. I wrapped it up with Yvette, who thought her plans were to just see a movie tonight. The Law did its work and closed her mouth and she left with something to really think about. One of the great things about pairing up is that we get to learn from our experience while having someone to bail us out if it gets too difficult.

Before that, Tony got up and preached open air using some stuffed animals to draw a crowd. There were really a lot of people gathered and we could have used some more witnessers to speak to all the people who were standing around. I got pulled aside to speak with a guy who, though open minded, admitted to me that he thought he was God. I said that I wasn't shocked as most people essentially believe the same thing. We sparred for about 20 minutes and shook hands and parted amicably. I told him that his pride would keep him from bending his knee to the Truth. I pray that it was just his youth that let him hold on to his silly ideas. I pleaded with him to observe the creation as proof of the creator, and his conscience as the creator reaching out to give him some light. If he would just respond to that light then God would reveal himself directly through the Bible. I don't think I got through, but I definitely gave him the Law and the Gospel, so he is without excuse. Men know the truth, but they supress it because they love their sin. With the Word of God now in his mind, pray that the Holy Spirit works on his heart tonight.

I have missed a few days writing here just trying to catch my breath after the boot camp, but I think I am back, renewed with energy and zeal to seek out and save the lost. Please pray for endurance so we can all run the race as to get the prize, and pray for all that heard the Gospel tonight.

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