Tuesday, September 12, 2006

21 Principles For Open-Air-Preaching

Tomorrow, I head out to a 5 day Evangelism Boot Camp put on by the Great News Network. We will hit the streets and learn how to present the gospel to a crowd of people. I thought it might be appropriate to post this article on Open Air Preaching by Ray Comfort.

Principle #1
A Blind man cannot see. (2 Timothy 2:24)

Principle #2 Witnessing and Preaching should involve teaching. Strive to teach. Show them their state before God. (Acts 5:24)

Principle #3 Avoid foolish questions. If you answer a stupid question you're as stupid as the question asked. Ignore stupid questions.

Principle #4
Aim for Repentence rather than a decision. There must be repentence.

Principle #5
Earn the right to witness. Start in the natural realm and then swing to the spiritual realm.

Principle #6 If God has saved someone, let God tell them he is saved. Let the Holy Spirit bear witness that he is a child of God. Let God give him that assurance. (1 John 5:10)

Principle #7
Never fear hecklers. Pray for good hecklers to show up.

Principle #8
Be careful of cliches.

Principle #9 You are fighting a spiritual battle. We do not wrestle with flesh and blood.

Principle #10 Pray for Godly discernment.

Principle #11
Use the elements for amplification.

Principle #12
Never wear sunglasses when you preach. Let them see the conviction in your eyes.

Principle #13 Don't let anger in sinners upset you.

Principle #14
Be earnest in your preaching and witnessing.

Principle #15
Read proverbs regularly. If you love yourself, pray for wisdom.

Principle #16 Remember your calling. What God has called you to do. Leave the causes of animals, trees, enviornment to the non-christians.

Principle #17
Use the Word of God as much as you can.

Principle #18
Use your testimony as much as you can.

Principle #19
Preach in the sight of God.

Principle #20
The end is nigh. Use anedotes as much as you can. Stories with meaning. Illustrations.

Principle #21
Use elevation.

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