Friday, September 08, 2006

Open Air in Burbank

The evangelism team returned to the Burbank Town Center on Friday, for another evening of open-air preaching and one-to-one evangelism. About fifteen members of the team were present, along with a few new friends.
The crowd was a little lighter than last week. Even so, more than 100 people heard the preaching of the Law and the gospel.
Joey gathered the team and put out a challenge/encouragement everyone. Whoever open-air preached for the first time, one person would receive an Evidence Bible and one person would become the proud owner of Joey's milk crate. Matt and Jeff answered the challenge and open-air preached for the very first time.
Tony started the evening with a session of open-air preaching. He used a game of trivia, with the prizes being dollar bills (donated by the team) and stuffed animals (donated by Children's Hunger Fund) to draw a crowd.
The crowd was attentive, and a man by the name of Ron stepped forward to take the "Good Person Test." Ron admitted that he was/is guilty of breaking God's Law and he would spend eternity in hell. He also acknowledged that the thought of facing God's wrath and judgment concerned him. Tony then took him, and the rest of the crowd through the gospel.
Once he finished preaching, Tony spent some time with Ron and his friend, Shakel, going over the Law and the gospel again. Shakel is a professed Christian who said he had grown up in the church, converted to Islam, left Islam, and was born again last December. Although he spoke the Christian language, Tony wasn't sure if Shakel was saved. Both men received Evidence Bibles, Hell's Best Kept Secret CD's, and True and False Conversion CD's.
Matt, Jeff, and Joey each open-air preached. Joey took a woman (who was present with her young daughter) through the "Good Person Test." By the time Joey finished preaching, the woman expressed her desire to get right with God by repenting of her sin and putting her trust in Christ alone for her salvation.
Throughout the evening, the entire team was engaged in outstanding (and sometimes lengthy) conversations with the unsaved. Dozens of people (Jews, agnostics, scientists, professing Christians, young, middle aged, and seniors) heard the Law and the gospel during these one-to-one and small group conversations. Tony brought out his evangelism display boards, which helped a number of team members to initiate conversations with lost people. One such instance was when Mike (a friend of Tony) took someone through the "Good Person Test" for the very first time!
During the evening, the team met Pastor Ed and Sarah from Pasadena Church of the Nazarene. Apparently, Burbank Town Center is Pas-Naz's regular fishing pond. Pastor Ed asked if he could pray for us at the end of the evening.
Burbank Town Center continues to prove to be a good fishing hole. The Lord, gracious and sovereign, provided the spot, the bait & tackle, and the fish--plenty of fish. To Him be the glory forever and ever!
Chaplain Tony Miano
Ten-Four Ministries

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