Sunday, September 03, 2006

As You Are

A few weeks ago on Way of the Master Radio Todd verbally took on a video put out by a local church to invite people to meet them. The video was passed out to people in the neighborhood, and a copy ended up in Todd's inbox. Listening to the video myself, I was a little confused by what they were trying to say exactly. But, Todd just ripped into the thing with no mercy. To add to the story, the church who made the video is actually a church plant from my home church, and someone in my evangelism group is the one who pointed it out to Todd. Needless to say, the whole thing blew up and a lot of people got very upset.

Chris spoke with Caleb. Caleb spoke with Tim. Tim spoke with me. I spoke with Joey. Joey spoke with Todd. Todd spoke with Chris. And I think we got it settled. We can use this event as a lesson in Christian brotherhood. It is right to try to discern truth, and approach each other in love and counsel each other from scripture. But, sometimes with the anonymity of the Internet and the radio, we forget that there are real people on the other end with real feelings. Our pursuit of Truth must be with the goal of helping each other get there, and not merely to prove that we are smarter than others.

Remember, not too long ago, we didn't know the Savior, we didn't understand our own sin in the mirror of God's Law, and we hadn't placed our trust in Him alone for our salvation. And, unless someone had lovingly brought that truth to us, we would still be lost.

As a post script, take a minute to check out Chris Stevens church, "As You Are", and send him a word of encouragement. His leadership will be taking the WOTM Basic Training Course soon and I'm sure we will have one or two of their members coming out with us to witness on Friday nights. And, specifically, listen to his "Myth #4" sermon (this was on his site the whole time) and decide for yourself if they preach "Law to the Proud, Grace to the Humble"

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