Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Morning Open Air at the DMV

This morning we got up early and headed over to the DMV in Simi Valley. Usually they open at 8 a.m., but on Wednesday, they open at 9. This means there are a lot of people standing outside waiting for the doors to open with nothing better to do than listen to some good ol' fashioned street preaching.

Joey started out by talking about the test that many people were there to take, and transitioned into the test that we all will take on judgment day. How many of us have lied, stolen, blasphemed and committed adultery in our hearts? Even looking at only four of the Ten Commandments, we are all clearly guilty, and a just, perfect judge of the Universe will have to punish us.

Then Ryan got up and expounded on grace in light of God's holy Law. Afterwards, there was just enough time to pass out a Gospel tract to each person in line before the doors opened. Only one person didn't want to take one, but his friend did. A couple of people told Joey that what he did took a lot of guts. So, my question to you today is, "Hey, McFly, what are you, yellow?"

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