Friday, August 18, 2006

Law to the Proud

Tonight, we went to the Winnetka Theater again. It was a lot slower than before, so we had fewer people to talk with. There were a bunch of us... Evangelica, David, Jeff, a new addition Haig, Chris, myself, Tony and two of his daughters. Amanda is pictured here with the pink and blue illusion tract.

I didn't get an audio of us witnessing tonight, so I am doing something different. Tony has been preaching at his home church for two weeks as a guest. The first sermon is titled "Law to the Proud" The podcast episode for this week will be this sermon. One person said that they had never heard the gospel preached so completely and clearly as this in a church. Next week, if any of the members of the church come back, I will put up the second part in this series.

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