Friday, August 25, 2006

Beautiful Downtown Burbank

The good folks at Pacific Justice have drafted a letter for the Northridge Mall and when we hear back from them we can decide if we go back there. For now, we are trying some different venues for our Friday night fishing. Tonight, we went to the Burbank Town Center, and as it is mostly public sidewalks, we don't have to worry about anybody asking us to move along.

I've been here before, and actually had a great time witnessing. Tonight was no different. There are plenty of people sitting around and everybody was very willing to talk with us. Most everyone we talked with tonight turned out to have a Catholic background. I can tell when they combine the first two commandments and split number ten in two. Many people got close to naming all ten, but I still have my twenty in my back pocket for now. Tonight's recording is Lisa talking to a lady named Faith. With a name like that, this was definitely a divine appointment. The part that really struck me was when Lisa asked if she was concerned about her eternal fate, Faith replied that she thinks about this stuff every night.

Everything was going great, till we met Derek. He was a nice enough kid, but talked a mile a minute and really spent a lot of time justifying himself and even justified our sins. He said that he wouldn't be mad at someone who murdered his mother, as everyone is definitely good. I reasoned with him to listen to his conscience, as it was God's attempt to reach him with the knowledge of his sinful state. He still insisted that he was justified and loved us for sharing our views with him. We left him with something to read, and will definitely pray that we at least planted a seed. I'm left saddened that the "gospel of love, love, love" gives people a false understanding of their need for the Savior.

As I was leaving, Jeff showed up and said that he actually witnessed to the security guard back at the church where we meet up. The guy had never heard the gospel, and actually said that now that he knows what is up, he will definitely attend the church on Sunday. All in all, I pray that we planted the gospel seed in some hearts tonight, and that the Holy Spirit will guard that seed so it can do it's work on people's hearts. I think we found ourselves a new field ripe for the harvest.

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