Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why iPod Evangelism?

An article by Joey

● About 90 percent of the people I approach agree to have a conversation with me about eternal matters for at least a few minutes.
● Although tracts are useful in lots of situations, there are times when using an iPod seems to be easier to approach people with.
● People seem to be more open when you’ve spent time with them, talking.
● I don’t have to feel dishonest (“hi, I’m taking survey…” when I’m not taking one).
● I can go back and learn from my conversations- what happened? How did the conversation get off track, etc.?
● The audios can be put online so other people can listen to them and gain from my experiences. Others can learn what to do and what not to do from my example.
● An iPod can be used for other things, like listening to music, recording class lectures and storing computer files.
● People who are not yet used to sharing their faith with strangers may find this a much easier, less intimidating way to speak with others.
● You’re unlikely to get kicked out of a mall or questioned by cops for doing this.

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