Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pirate or Ninja?

Friday was the opening of Pirates at the mall, and Ninjas everywhere are in an uproar. (Don't ask) So, it was a perfect night to get out and share our faith.

Friday night at Northridge mall. Joey, Nathan, Marlo, Jeff, David, and myself. A record turnout. The laborers are coming out tonight! We paired up, switched off, paired up again. We witnessed, oh how we witnessed. It was beautiful. David had a man actually come to tears. The only thing more exciting than witnessing to someone is standing back and praying and seeing the faces of people who are being told of the wonderful news of God's mercy. You can see the Law literally stopping their mouth and their hearts opening up for the richness of the Gospel. It's like watching a birth, or a wedding. It brings me to tears.

Each time, I get scared before I talk to people, and then pray, and get some encouragment from people I am with, then I end up having a great conversation. I pulled out the recorder and got a few conversations for the podcast. The first group I spoke with included a Rastafarian. The next group that David and I spoke to together had a Catholic upbringing and named nine of the Ten commandments. The third group was with their parents and when Joey started talking to them, they tried to leave, but one kid stayed for the whole thing.

Again, I almost didn't go tonight. I felt tired from a long day at work, and I would have loved to sit at home on the couch. But, the right thing to do is to get out there and plead with people to consider their eternity. I know I am called to get out there and share the gospel. When I can't find any more people who have never had the Law and Grace presented to them I'll know my job is done.

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tck said...

Glory to God! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for posting pictures.. God is glorious!