Friday, July 21, 2006

Law to the Proud, Grace to the Humble

Tonight was our regular witnessing night at Northridge Mall. Two ladies, Nina and Olga, from the Basic Training Course came out tonight. Vangy also brought a friend tonight. As usual, the place was filled with teenagers hanging out all over the place. We have been here so much, we are running into kids that have talked with us before and remember us. When they see us walking around, they start talking about us. There was a group of kids that were talking about God, so I walked up and asked them what they were talking about. They didn't really want to talk, but I asked them anyway about their eternal fate. This was the first time in a while that there was so much distraction that the kids didn't really pay attention and show any concern for their sin. As more kids came into their group, they all just started joking and some kids we spoke with before were teasing them and eventually we just decided to leave them alone. In this case, presenting the Gospel would have been pure foolishness. They were already disrespectful and I had no intention of casting my pearls before swine. If I see them again, I'll try to talk to them in a small group.

Joey was talking with a group of kids and there was so much spillover that I started talking with the kids at the edge who could not hear what was going on. I spoke with some kids at the outside and then ended up going all the way through the Law and the Gospel with two girls, an Orthodox and a Catholic. One girl even told me she didn't want to go to Hell and asked me how to be sure that wasn't going to happen. They were very receptive and we went way beyond the Gospel in our conversation. I tried to answer the best I could. I'm sure I will see them again, and we can continue our conversation.

Please pray for everyone that we spoke with tonight. It saddens me that so many kids in America can make it all the way through school and not know what God's moral standard is, and have never heard what price Jesus Christ paid to redeem their precious souls.

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