Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Steppin' Out in Faith

I ran the Way of the Master materials by the pastoral staff at our church today. Rather than coming to them with "suggestions" as to how they need to do something, I came with a plan, and a curriculum for teaching an evangelism course. They offered me a room and a DVD player on Saturday Mornings. Looks like it's a go!!!

We are going to wait till after the Passion Play and Easter tent services and start on the 22nd of April for 8 weeks. We have the bulletin inserts all ready to go. The Lord is really showing His favor on this endeavor. I couldn't have expected this on my own. Please pray as we lay the foundation for this course to be taught.

As we teach/learn in the mornings, we'll have some lunch and then head out on Saturdays to witness to people. I'll post here with success stories as we go along.


duaneleger said...

That is so awsome. I pray that you have a class full of people hungry to seek and save the lost.

tck said...

Great to hear Dru! I'll pray for you and your church.

God bless.