Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rubber Band Wars

I stopped by Living Waters today in Bellflower in between work appointments. I caught Ray and Scotty "working" hard at perfecting their aim with some two foot rubber bands. I guess a guy that creative has to stretch his mind a little bit.

He was kind enough to greet me and sign a copy of Spurgeon Gold for me. Every time I stop in there to pick up some tracts, Ray is so generous. He won't let me leave without handing me something extra. I thank God for his heart.

I grabbed a bunch of million dollar bills and some more wallets. I am sensing a theme in my tracts. I also like doing a little illusion where I turn two singles into a five dollar bill. Then give people the million dollars. I also got some more pink and blue illusions. I figure those would be the best for people to start out with, and as they get more experience they can order what they want for themselves.


tck said...

Any good tips regarding the millions? I've used them only once, and I'm planning to get some for my US-trip the coming summer..

Do you just walk around and give it to people?


Dru Morgan said...

I leave them in my pocket on my shirt. And you can just watch as people's eyes focus on your pocket. Smile and say, "You can have one if you'd like"

I did try what they did in Times Square and dropped a few from the second level in the mall and watched them flutter to the people below. People ran and picked them up.