Friday, March 31, 2006

Da Pidgin Ten Commandments Hawai'ian Style

I just made it back safely from Hawaii and found this great tidbit.

1. God is numbah one.
2. No make da kine statues.
3. Watch yo’ mout. No swea with God’s name.
4. On Sunday, no can do notting.
5. Leesen to yo’ muddah and yo’ fuddah.
6. No murder nobody.
7. No go moemoe with yo’ bradah’s wahine.
8. No cockaroach notting.
9. No lie, brah!
10. No be jealous one noddah person’s stuffs.

Oh, an one noddah ting… no talk stink about nobody.

1 comment:

tck said...

Allright, this was kind of funny, and it's for real? I heard Todd (WOTM Radio) go through a couple of the 10C in different styles...