Friday, May 26, 2006

Regal Theatre, Simi Valley

Tonight, I met up with Joey and a few other people at the Simi Valley Regal Theatre. There were so many kids out there that seemed so young. Maybe I am getting old, but I don't remember staying out till 11 PM when I was 14 years old.

We wandered back and forth, sometimes speaking to a group together, other times splitting up. I talked with so many kids, that I can't keep track of the number. The first group, we had two of us speaking so it looked like a giant figure eight, with kids surrounding us. Joey started asking if people could name the Ten Commandments for $20, and I started passing out million dollar bills. As we were surrounded, I asked the kids next to me if they knew what he was doing, and since they didn't, I walked them through the Law and the Gospel. For as crazy as these kids seemed to me, dressing and speaking, they were actually very receptive. One girl heard me and Joey say Jesus at the same time and she said, "Hey, they're doing it in stereo".

I passed out a bunch more Da Vinci tracts in the line for the theatre. There were not many people in line, so it was hard to give them all out like last Friday. I have a few left from my last packet.

Joey then spoke to a table full of kids and even though some of them remembered seeing him from a couple weeks ago, they still weren't able to name all of the commandments. This was the group and they really responded well.

I then decided it was time to pull out the voice recorder and get some of this good witnessing down. The first two sets of people were not interested, and finally I found a couple that would speak with me. After I got into it a little bit the guy told me he was a good person, I asked if I could find out for sure. He told me he was trying to be on a date and he'd rather answer these types of questions in church. I respected his wishes and left him with a million dollar bill. I decided to give it one more try, and finally found three young ladies that decided to speak with me. One was an Eastern Orthodox, one was a Roman Catholic, and the third was your garden variety Protestant. I started out by asking them to name the Ten Commandments for $20, and even with that broad spectrum of Christianity represented, we barely got past two.

I turned the conversation to the Good Test, and took them through the Law and then explained how the Good News of Christ dying for us actually made sense when viewed from that perspective.

All in all, it was an exhilerating night. With a little bit of encouragement from a friend, getting yourself out there to witness to complete strangers can be really easy, and also a lot of fun. One thing to note about tonight, there were a LOT of Christians there doing exactly what we were doing. I saw at least 15 people passing out tracts and witnessing to these kids. My goal is to get all the malls in the Valley to be places where you can't walk in without hearing the Gospel presented by somebody. Where are you witnessing? Where is your fishing spot?

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