Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jay & Janet

I spent the day at the mall fishing today. It is tough to stop and witness with the kids with me. But, I prayed for the Lord to send me people and to give me courage. The girls stopped in to get a pretzel, and I saw two young ladies sitting by the fountain outside the mall. Jay looked a little androgynous, so I made sure not to touch on any homosexuality issues. As I talked about the 7th commandment, I made sure to ask if Janet had ever looked at another "person" with lust, with thoughts that she wouldn't want her mother to know about. They were very receptive, very concerened with the fact that they are probably headed to Hell if they died on the way home today. I opened the conversation with the Million Dollar Bill and handed them the "Are you a good person?" cartoon tract at the end. All in all it went very smooth, and even though I was feeling scared to put myself out there today, I think I found just the two people that God wanted me to speak with. As I play the recording back, I asked my wife what she thought. She said, "Too Easy! They didn't challenge you at all." Oh, great, now my next one will be a tough one! Take a listen and you tell me how I did. Then, please pray for these young ladies to be convicted by the Holy Spirit.

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tck said...

Praise God! I thank God for you Dru!