Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fishing at the Burbank Mall

Good and Evil, Light and Dark, just another day at the mall watching a chess game being played out. There used to be a big merry go round in this spot, but now it is a giant chess board. I watched as two very skilled players battled it out. After a while, though, I was more interested in a spiritual battle. Standing on the rail were plenty of people to witness to. I walked around the mall, and there were a lot more people standing in line to see XMen than Da Vinci Code. In fact, I couldn't find one person who was going to see it. So, I pulled out the Da Vinci tracts and used the back to mark down how many commandments people could name. When I finished witnessing to them, I handed them their score sheet, which ended up being a nice souvenier. I recorded a few, but something went wrong and I only got one recording to actually work. That was the two skateboarders that you can listen to here. The $20 really got them to get interested, and by the time I was finished, they were really receptive. I get scared every time I decide to walk up to someone new and am always pleasantly surprised when I get such an interested and nice group to talk to. After those two, I ended up talking to a couple. He said that he didn't have a bible, but she piped in that she would make sure to give him one. They both got really quiet as I presented the Law. Who knows, she could have been trying to find a way to witness to him, and this was the first time she was going to get him to read the bible. Please pray that the Holy Spirit finds good soil in their hearts. I till up the ground with the Law and then plant the Gospel seeds in once their mouths have been quieted. This is getting a lot easier. I don't always feel like it, but I am trying to be faithful and get out there and talk to people every day. I shake in my shoes every time, but I pray that the Lord gives me boldness and once I get going, I find that He puts the words in my mouth that He wants me to say. I hope my examples are showing you that you really can get out there and do this.

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