Saturday, May 06, 2006

Da Vinci Con

I went today for the first part of this conference. Great stuff, and I think they will have a DVD of all the speakers out soon. I picked up a couple of stacks of the new Da Vinci tract. When the movie comes out on Friday I will be ready to hand them out.
I got Kirk's attention long enough to snap a picture. He is so passionate when he speaks. It is inspiring. The genuine compassion he has in his voice as he pleads for people to repent of their sins is what we should all strive for.
I am going tonight to a carnival at my wife's Catholic elementary school, and I plan to cast the nets out and see if we can get any fish in the boat. With the church scrambling to come up with answers for people watching the Da Vinci code, maybe the Da Vinci tracts will be just I need to strike up some great conversations. Please pray for the Lord to lead me to people whose hearts are prepared and ready to hear the Gospel.

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