Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Secret

It doesn't upset me that the world is buying "The Secret" as it really appeals to people, exactly as it did when it was sold as "The Power of Positive Thinking" or "EST" or any other secular program that tells people that they really are in charge of the Universe, and all they have to do is learn to control it.

What upsets me is when it gets just as many people "in" the church falling for it. This latest packaging of the lie in the garden (You can be like God) is very insidious, as it has people pushing it as a totally non-contrary to Christianity method to improve your life. Especially with people like Oprah pushing it, soon there will not be anyone that doesn't know "The Secret".

I am writing today because this week, the movie showed up at my office. We were told to watch it as a way to improve our practice. I objected, but when my boss told me that it wasn't a religious movie, I decided to watch it and take notes. I know I am not going to convince anyone who is not a believer that this movie is pushing a religion. But, here are some of my notes. You decide for yourself what it is pushing.

You can have what ever you want. (greed, lust)

The Law of Attraction - Quantum Physics - proves that whatever is in your mind, you attract to you, whatever is in your mind, you become. (Uh, scary that this is basically true. The scary part is that what is in our mind and our hearts is deceitfully wicked)

Thoughts become things. It always works. With every person. (Does this line up with reality? Just as the Word of Faith movement believes, anything bad that happens, YOU actually caused. Either your lack of faith, or your thinking bad thoughts brought it upon you.)

Good thoughts or bad thoughts do not matter. To solve the problem that people don't like you if you are gay, you just need to focus on the positive aspects of your life and you will have people liking you. (Wow, what about the problem of being judged by a holy God for your sin? Can you focus on the positive aspects of Hell to make it feel not so hot?)

If what you want is sin (Lust, Greed) or anything at all (remember, our hearts desire jewelry, fast cars, big houses, dating several women at once) you can have it. Focus on your desires and they are yours for the taking.

Positive thoughts are stronger than negative thoughts. (By what measuring rod are we calling thoughts positive or negative? Once we become the gods of the Universe, who is to say that our thoughts aren't all positive?)

Avoid thoughts. They are limited. The key is to focus on your feelings. If it feels good, do it. (Wow, need I say more?) Your thoughts/feelings actually create your life/your future. (Again, we are the creators of the universe.)

It's important to Feel Good to attract things that make you feel good. Freedom and power come from these good feelings.

The Universe/Your Higher Self (You)/Your Guardian Angel is just like Alladin's Lamp. It's job is to fulfill your wishes... with no limit.
Ask, Believe and you will Receive. Focus on your desires. Feel it more than think it.
(Do I really need to comment on each line? This just screams out to me. You either see it or you don't.)

If you are doing it the way the Universe wants you to... You'll be joyous about it. (Again, trust your heart to lead you.)

Trust that life will take you where you want BECAUSE you want it. Be in alignment with the Universe. There are no rules according to the Universe. (Sounds just like traditional Christianity to me. What do you think?)

Life is meant to be abundant... in all areas. (Says who? Define abundant.)

Get yourself inner joy first. Then outer joy will follow. (Is that like Seek first your own kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be added to you?)

The secret is that we are creators of our universe. (In the beginning, was me!)

Fill yourself up. Give to yourself first. Fall in love with yourself. (These are all direct quotes from the movie. I'm not sure I could make this stuff up.)

Only one person can be in charge of your bliss - That's you. Your joy lies within you. You can even heal yourself.

Don't change the world. Go with the flow and celebrate it. (This movie runs on and inevitably starts contradidicting itself. First, desire change. Then, don't try to change anything.)

Bless and praise things. (Not the creator of these things) Embrace what you want - to get more of it.

Everything is energy. You are energy. God is energy. (It follows that You are God). Then literally, you are the Author. You are the Designer. (Check out who is called those titles in Hebrews 12:2)

The power that is within YOU is greater than the power that is in the world. (I suppose if you read 1 John 4 in context, you won't misunderstand what this means)

We are unlimited beings.

God does not have a purpose for you. Your purpose is what YOU say it is.

Nobody will ever stand in judgment of you... EVER (Acts 17:31 / Psalm 96:13)

All great religious teachers (picture of Jesus on the screen) understood the secret... That YOU are the Creator

All great religious teachers (picture of Jesus on the screen) understood the secret... That YOU are the Creator

There it is. Another example of a philosophy taking away the righteous judgement of God. Remove God from the throne. Replace yourself there. No God, no judgement. No sin. Party on!

Please, folks. These are the end times. There is coming a day soon that God will judge the world in righteousness. Who do you know that is eating up this spiritual garbage? Please take some time to share the truth with them. Don't let your hands have their blood on them. How will they believe if they don't hear the truth? How will they hear it if we don't tell them?

Don't let the Gospel of Jesus Christ be a Secret anymore!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dru- Thank you so much! FINALLY! Someone gets it! Can't Christians see how damaging this film is? I pray that eyes will open to this lie of the devil. What is a cult? 99% truth and 1% lie.
It was great to speak with you and Robert about this in Las Vegas. Great to meet you both!