Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is Your Family Saved?

Here is a letter I found from a fellow seed sower who in the course of learning to evangelize realized that maybe his wife was not saved...
Hey all, an interesting and probably a bit strange of a witnessing encounter since it took place within my own home.

I've noticed that since I've really begun to take my calling seriously, my wife has begun to distance herself from me. Emotionally, physically, etc. I was wondering what was wrong as she professed to be a Christian, yet filled her life with other things which I won't talk about here.

Earlier today when I picked her up from an overnight at a friends house, I decided after praying for days, that it was time to speak to my wife about not only what I was learning in the lessons, but also about what I was learning in my daily devotions. To my surprise not only was she completely turned off by the discussion, she also called me judgmental and struck out at me as being a hypocrite and several other not so nice things. What surprised me even more was her honest answer to the question: "If you died today, would you be certain of heaven?"

She answered no.

I began to think about what I've been reading in the lessons here, and began to ask her several pointed questions about her behavior and how it would measure up to the standards God has set for us. I really tried not to be judgmental, but at first I failed in this. We argued a bit, as is normal when discussing religion between us. Then I felt led to explain everything in an e-mail.

In this e-mail I approached with both a Law centered (to convict the conscience) and a grace centered love filled letter. I spoke to her honestly about how I felt about God, her, and our small family.

Tonight as she went to bed (before I do, I do some Word study and also perhaps an extra lesson before bed myself) she called me upstairs and asked me to pray the sinners prayer with her and tell her more about how to truly repent of her sins.

Praise God!
Wow. Is your family saved? Are you? Every once in a while, I like to do as the Scriptures say and examine my own heart to make sure I am in the faith.

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