Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back to Burbank

Last night, the usual suspects were out. We also had several new people come out who are going through the Basic Training Course. Sherri and Moreland, both from Shepherd of the Hills got their first taste of some open air preaching, Tony Miano style, and some one to one witness encounters.

We partnered up and each new person got to be involved in witnessing with at least three experienced people. The ones that I was involved in started out pretty rough, and one young lady told me that her father was a pastor and what I was telling her about God being mad at sin was absolutely false. She got so mad she asked me to leave. The next group I talked to had Omar as their leader and in good spirits he told me that he had no reason to believe what I was saying. I was feeling pretty roughed up so I paused for a moment to talk with Joey, and as I was doing so, Omar came over to apoligize and I told him he had no reason to. We agreed that I would pray for the Holy Spirit to break his pride that was holding him back from submitting to God. Please pray for Omar as well with me.

After that, we had some great conversations, almost too many to remember. With Tony preaching and the signs up in between speaking, we had a constant flow of people willing to take the good test and many people heard the gospel last night. I pray that some of the seeds we sewed find good soil. The best part was this morning after talking with the students who came out in obedience and stepped out of their comfort zone and finding out they were just as excited as I was to make sharing their faith a regular part of their life.

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