Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas; Holy or Wholly Idolatry?

I got an email from John McGlone, the local leader for GNN in Hawaii. He had this to say...

I watched in amazement the shift from the "halloween holiday" to the "Christmas holiday" and I wondered, "What is the difference between these two holidays?" The lights have changed color, the blow up lawn characters have changed, and the date has changed. But, has Christmas become another day of idolatry or is it a holy day?

We as Christians should carefully examine what we teach our children, unsaved family and friends when we observe these rituals of the season. A few items of interest: 1. Santa Clause or St. Nick is a jovial character with supernatural powers, he flies in a sled, knows everyone, keeps tabs on who is naughty or nice, and checks this 6.25 billion member list twice in one season! 2. The origins of this "holiday" are with Constantine who is supposed to be Christian but was more apparently a pagan who wanted to use the church for his own ends. 3. In America especially, we consume more time, patience, and money during this season than any other. This to gratify our sinful desires for objects. Actually, we should remember the greatest gift of all time, Jesus Christ. God the Father, gave His Son that we might have eternal life if we believe in Him. This gift is worthy to share with others. Saints the time is short, don't let another season pass without getting equipped in the Holy Spirit to seek and save that which is lost. This is the primary purpose of the church on earth; let us determine to neglect it no further. To your Bibles and to your knees, seek the Lord and He will be found. Amen.

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