Friday, November 10, 2006

Burbank Fishing

Tonight, Tony took the night off so we had no open air preaching. We paired up and went back to our roots of just finding people to talk to and engaging them in spiritual conversations. With the luxury of a crowd gathering to talk gone, we had to actually work again. But, the Lord was faithful and gave us many people to talk to .

I found another group of Armenian teenagers willing to talk. This time, the girls were very willing to tell me about how they were such good people because they went to church and gave money to the poor. After a few questions about lying, and explaining that taking music from the Internet that you didn't pay for is stealing, and asking about blasphemy we didn't have to go much further. The few in the group that were actually paying attention to me were stopped by the Law. They realized that just growing up in a Christian household did not make them right with God. They wanted to find out about how to get forgiven.

I asked them what happened two thousand years ago... What did God do so they don't have to go to hell? They said, "He built a church for us to go to?" Well, He built His church upon His Son, Jesus. It's scary how many times I talk to people who are being raised in a church who have no idea why Christ died on the cross. After explaining it, they really understood and wanted me to make sure to tell their friends. I spoke with another two of their friends who they were sure wouldn't sit still for an explanation of God's Law and grace. I was surprised, but they sat through the whole thing and had many questions for me. God is good. I know it is tough to sit still and listen to some guy talking about spiritual things when you are at the mall with your friends. But, I pray that the seeds I planted tonight are watered and ultimately bring forth fruit for His glory.

Please pray for these kids and for everyone that we witnessed to tonight. I might never meet them again in this life. But, I would love to meet them in Heaven and hear of the great things they did for the Lord while they were here on Earth.

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