Monday, October 30, 2006

Blog Winsomely

From Stand To Reason

1. KWC - Develop knowledge, wisdom, and character. They are all necessary to be a winsome blogger. Here's how we define these traits at STR. Knowledge - an accurately-informed mind. Wisdom - an artful method. Character - an attractive manner.

2. I'm always an ambassador and my blogging always reflects on another. Our blog is a bit different than the many Christians who blog for themselves. It is always quite present in my mind that what I write will reflect on STR's reputation and I want to be very careful about that. All Christians represent Christ and hopefully that is a very immediate concern for every God-blogger as they post.

3. Have a mission statement that defines what your blog is about. STR has a mission statement and it guides me in the topics I choose and how I write on our blog. It's very helpful in constraining me at times when otherwise my contribution might not be very constructive. It's very helpful to have a defined purpose to guide you.

4. Define the values that you commit to follow in writing your blog. Again, STR has a values statement and I'm obliged to live up to these and I try to. Again, it's an external control that reminds me what I need to be about on the blog.

5. Deal with ideas and not personalities. Be charitable in interpreting other's comments. Be fair. Don't ascribe motives to someone you have no knowledge of.

6. When dealing with politics, tread carefully. Christian values have political implications, but they are not articles of faith. Some issues are more closely entailed from the Bible, like the pro-life issue, others are less so, like taxes. Allow some liberty in how other Christians work out their politics. Having said that, Christians have a lot to add to the public discourse. When you do enter the public square, make generally accessible arguments that can appeal to other citizens regardless of religion.

7. Pursue excellence. Attend to your spelling, grammar, and style. Credit sources and quotations. Follow blogging etiquette as it evolves. Develop your style. Find a good role model in writing and read them often to get a sense for their voice and rhythm. Good writing can rub off on you.

8. Model clear-thinking Christianity. Find ways to embody Christianity in everyday topics to post on.

Conclusion: Godblogging offers a unique opportunity to have an impact in the world. Be a player, but play by the rules. In ten year's time the world can be a different place because of your influence. The web gives each of us a reach without physical barriers. Be a good steward of that opportunity.

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