Saturday, April 15, 2006

Open Air - Huntington Beach

Today we took the family down to see Ray Comfort and the group put on some open air preaching. When we got there, we found out that they didn't have the right permits. To speak in America, you do not have to have a special permit, but apparantly, to have a 7 foot gorilla next to you while you are speaking requires letting the city know before hand.

Fortunately, there was a church group already setting up for their sunrise service tomorrow and allowed Ray to use their permit to briefly speak. I recorded it. A great basic proof for God's existence. He didn't really do the stirring up the crowd bit, but got a few good words in before the rest of us took off for some one to one witnessing.

Sierra (my 7 year old) was excited to meet Ray and we got a picture of the two together. She wanted to make sure to give Ray a penny with the Ten Commandments on it. He thanked her and showed her some magic tricks.

After Ray spoke, I met a guy named Steve from Redondo Beach who also had two daughters. We paired up and walked to the end of the pier having a contest to see who could pass out more million dollar bills. He won. Seriously, the guy is a million dollar giving maniac. It was a lot of fun.

We stopped a couple of times and walked a few people through the Ten Commandments. The first guy didn't even know what they were, and didn't think it was fair that God would judge him by a standard he hadn't heard of. We reminded him that the Law is actually written on his heart in the form of his conscience.

The second one was more interesting, as the man in the couple was really just fooling around with us and didn't take anything seriously. But, his girlfriend was the one listening and about halfway through, she told him to quit playing around as she had some serious questions for us. She really thought of herself as a good person, and if God was going to use the standard of the Ten Commandments to condemn people to Hell, then 99.9% of people would end up there. I corrected her. 100% of people should end up there. I told her what God did so that she didn't have to end up where she deserved to. I asked her to read her Bible daily and really think about our conversation today.

All in all, I didn't have people running down the aisle to get baptized, but I was faithful with my mission to tell people the truth of the gospel. I'll leave the conversion up to the Holy Spirit.

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Neil said...

I saw your link from the Stand To Reason site (what a great organization - I have used lots of their CD resources). You have a great blog. I really appreciate your passion for evangelism. Keep the faith!