Saturday, April 08, 2006

Make a million with Donald Trump

I went to visit today and thought, "What better place to pass out million dollar bills than Donald Trump's Wealth Expo?" The place was packed and I gave out a million dollar bill to everyone whose eyes caught my shirt pocket. I know what it must feel like to be a busty woman, and have everyone try to sneak a look at your chest. When I caught their wandering eyes I just handed them a bill.

As I was leaving I saw a couple of ladies outside. One was getting signatures for some upcoming ballots, and the other lady was signing them. I prayed for courage and then approached with my voice recorder in hand. It turned out to be a really nice witness encounter. As I signed her petitions, I asked her permission to record her for my podcast.

I'm trying some theme music for the files. It is a song called "Step up the Microphone" by The Newsboys.

This is the first one I have had the courage to record and I'm putting it up here for all to see how I did. One thing, though, as I switched off the recorder, I remembered the 'repentance' and 'faith' part, so I did actually share that at the end.

Other than that, let me know how I did. And I hope this encourages you to get out there and try it yourself. I have talked with several people and it always terrifies me to start. But, once I get into a conversation, things get really comfortable. Having to ask to record someone added a level of fear that I had not experienced before.


tck said...

Praise God! I thank God for you Dru! Post the audio when you find time for it, so we can comment it! :)

God bless you.


Dru Morgan said...

The audio was the first thing I posted. Do you not see the graphic right at the top of the post? I also had a text "click here" at first, but decided to use the graphic instead. If you don't see it, I need to fix something.

tck said...

Ahh, thanks a lot Dru, I couldn't see it before now, the graphic didn't load last time I entered your blog. :)

Thanks a lot for posting! I thank God for you, it was a good job keeping it on the subject there! Pretty ironic that the police alarm went off when you were starting with the gospel..

Also, with the testimony on the end, that was powerful! :)


Iason said...

Great! Keep it up.

duaneleger said...

Praise God.