Friday, January 19, 2007

Street Preaching in Vegas

Getting frustrated at talking to the air and having nobody stop while we were preaching in front of the Bellagio, I ventured to the corner stoplight and saw 50-100 people standing still for 3 minutes waiting for the light. It took me ten times to get it just right, but I got it to where I could get a complete Law/Grace presentation out before the light turned green. I recorded three of them.

Just as many will try to cross the street and enter heaven saying, "Lord, Lord", God will say, "Don't walk, I never knew you, you workers of lawlessness." Here is the springboard to the best of my memory. Just as the light turns red, jump in front of the curb and speak to the people starting to gather...
Folks, welcome to Vegas. Please be careful here, as this is a dangerous intersection. We have some safety measures set up here for you. The red hand across the street actually means "Don't walk". What we are waiting for is the little white man to appear before we go. The reason I am telling you this is that in my experience, as I speak to you for the next two minutes, you might get so offended that you will be tempted to rush into oncoming traffic so you don't have to listen to me. But, please, don't kill yourself before you hear what I have to say. Speaking of death, whether a car hits you today, or you live to be a hundred, one day, the truth is that we will all be part of the ultimate statistic. Ten out of ten of us will die. And on that day, the Bible says we will be judged. If you were to be compared to me, you would probably be OK, but in reality, both of us will be judged by God's standard of perfection, the Ten Commandments. If you've ever lied, God sees you as a liar, if you've ever stolen, God sees you as a thief. If you look at all the pornographic images in Vegas and lust over them, sir, the reason your wife doesn't like you doing that is that she knows it is adultery of your heart. She is angry when you do that, and so is God. If you are angry at me right now for conronting you with this stuff, then God sees that anger as murder in your heart. You see God judges our thoughts, and not just our actions. God is so good, he is not going to let murderers in heaven. But, you see, he is so good that he will not even let liars into the kingdom. The bible says that one lie is enough to send you to a lake of fire. The good news is, folks, that you do not have to pay the penalty for your sin. Jesus Christ has already done that. If you will repent and turn from your sin, Jesus is willing to forgive you. You must place your faith in Jesus alone, and not your own efforts, and God says on that day you will be born again, passing from death to life. Folks, please consider my motives today, I'm not asking for your money. I'm merely asking you to consider repenting of your sin and putting your faith in Jesus Christ. (Keep going till the light changes) and please don't die before you repent!
Phew, it is tough to get it all out in two minutes, but it can be done. And if God blesses you with a double light cycle, you can really pour out the passion pleading with people to forsake their sin.

And, if you do it right, you can tag team with a partner and keep it up all night long. I was so blessed by this, and I pray for the hundreds of people that had that gospel seed scattered to their hearts. I pray that some of them will be planted deep and grow.

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