Friday, January 05, 2007

Covert fishing at the mall

T0night was a new venue, the Topanga Mall. Newly renovated, it is huge. But, there is no 'public square' area for our usual open air preaching. So, the team had to utilize our best one to one, tractless, witnessing skills. I have a sick baby that didn't let me leave the house, but Tony sent the following email to tell about the team's experience. From the sound of it, looks like we have found a new fishing hole...

Fellow Evangelists,

We missed those of you who were unable to join us last night, at the Topanga Mall. For those of you who have never been to the Topanga Mall (last night was my first time), the mall is huge. The floor plan is spacious, with numerous food courts and seating/lounge areas, which gave us plenty of spots to find people gathering and relaxing. The mood didn't seem as hurried at Topanga than at other malls in which I have engaged in evangelism.

Seven team members and four guests spent about three hours engaged in one-to-one and small group conversations. We broke the team into four 2-3 person groups. The strategy worked giving us the opportunity to talk to dozens of people throughout the night, without drawing any unnecessary or unwarranted attention by mall security.

While none of us leaders want to abandon the great pond we have at Burbank, the Topanga Mall will certainly be a pond we return to, often. Just thinking out loud -- We might want to think of spending Friday nights at Topanga Mall, and spending time on Saturday afternoons (or evenings) in Burbank. Again, I'm just thinking out loud. But let me know what you think.
I hope you all have a great week in the Lord! Happy Fishing!!

No audio this week, but pray for the people that will come and get equipped in the Saturday Evangelism class at Shepherd of the Hills. If you know someone that needs to be there, please bring them with you.

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