Saturday, April 14, 2007

End Times at Ridgemont High

Last night we happened upon a new fishing spot, the Sherman Oaks Galleria, hangout of the kids in the 1980's movie Fast Times. It has since been completely rebuilt, but it was more packed with kids than ever. Joey, Jeff, and I had at least a dozen conversations with kids. Jeff talked with a Sikh, and I met a group of four kids, one Orthodox, one Christian, one Jewish, and one Moslem. All four friends were happy to talk with me about Jesus, and even shook my hand and told me they would see me next week.

I also met a group of about 8 catholic girls who almost got my $20 by naming nine of the Ten Commandments. I didn't sense much conviction in their voices and one girl even said that she would be fine with going to Purgatory for a thousand years. After all was said and done, they still were happy to have had the conversation and everybody got a "Good Person" tract before the night was over.

Tonight, though, I am going on my farthest fishing expedition to date. I am going with my company to Jamaica for a week, and my backpack is loaded up with tracts and I have my voice recorder. Pray for me (and my family while I am gone) that I don't get arrested in a foreign country preaching the gospel, and that I reach some open hearts with the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection. I'll be back next Friday, hopefully with some recordings of conversations with Rastafarians.

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Andy said...


I pray that the Lord will work through you in Jamaica. I pray that He gets all the glory!